Monday, March 06, 2006

Download nhạc từ

Links :

Directions for ripping videos:

This works because of faulty view source protection schemes.

1. First find a site that has the video links, for testing I used

Click a video link as soon as the window pops up, press control-n, which opens a new window with the title bar [File Edit View Favorites Tools Help]

Now go to view, then select source, in the source press control-F and in the search box type/or paste: var mediaUrl =

var mediaUrl = “copy everything between these quotes”;

Mine came out to be something like this:§ion_1=live&section_2=performance.jhtml&adPth=/adsetup/music/live/&hasVideoIntro=false&hasVideoOutro=false&vid=36302&introkeyvalues=video:intro;art:johnson_jack;gen:rock&outrokeyvalues=video:outro;art:johnson_jack;gen:rock&x=x.asx


Download and install flashget:
Once flashget is installed, select new download, and it should automatically paste the link copied into the new download url box and press OK. Watch your free video download to your computer :)

Then you are done, haven’t found any problems yet, but I’m 100% sure this works. For now… :)